Friday, 3 November 2017

Parallel Sessions

SESSION 7 – Salone del Podestà

Inequality of Opportunities

CHAIR: Stefano Zamagni, University of Bologna

Maurizio Bussolo, World Bank, Daniele Checchi, University of Milano; Vito Peragine, University of Bari
The Long-term Evolution of Inequality of Opportunity

Anja Gaentzsch, Freie Universitaet Berlin; Gabriela Zapata Roman, University of Manchester
More Educated, Less Mobile? Diverging Trends in Long-term Opportunities in Chile and Peru

Josè Caballero, IMD World Competitiveness Center
Social Disparities and Economic Outcomes: A “Social-centric” Model of Competitiveness

Roberto Velez-Grajales and Luis Angel Monroy-Gomez Franco, Centro de Estudios Espinosa Yglesias; Gaston Yalonetzky, University of Leeds
Inequality of Opportunity in Mexico

Ana Suárez Álvarez, Ana Jesús López Menéndez, University of Oviedo
Bootstrapping Inequality of Opportunity in Europe. Are changes significant?

SESSION 8 – Sala degli Atti

Inequality and Inter-generational Mobility

CHAIR: John Goldthorpe, Erszebet Bukodi, University of Oxford

Giovanni Abbiati, Fondazione Bruno Keller-IRVAP; Jonathan Pratschke, University of Salerno
Inequalities in Access to Higher Education in Italy: the Role of Peer Groups, Families and Schools

Antonio Schizzerotto, University of Trento
Long-run Transformations in Mobility Processes in Italy

Fabrizio Bernardi, Diana Galos EUI European University Institute
Same Education, Different Labour Market Outcomes? A Fixed Effect University Analysis in Italy 

Paolo Barbieri, University of Trento
Flexible Employment in Europe. Assessing Social Stratification Through the Lens of Labour Market Segmentation: A Sociological Insight

Yonatan Berman, University of Tel Aviv
Understanding the Mechanical Relationship between Inequality and Intergenerational Mobility

SESSION 9 – Sala del Quadrante

Faces of Gender Inequality

CHAIR: Chiara Saraceno, University of Torino, Collegio Carlo Alberto

Arianna Briganti, University of Cumbria
Inequality and Poverty Have a Female Face

Lars Engberg-Pedersen, Danish Institute for International Studies
Gender Inequality and Global Norms

Thomas Baumert, María Mercedes de Obesso Arias and Esther Valbuena García, ESIC Business & Marketing School
Are Women Less Meritorious? An International Empirical Analysis of Gender Bias Against Women in the Bestowing of Civil Orders

Anna Jawor, Polish Academy of Sciences
The Consequences of Gender Inequality for Contemporary Family Life

Sala di Re Enzo: Coffee Break
Plenary Session: Salone del Podestà
Introduction – Chiara Saraceno, University of Turin, Collegio Carlo Alberto

Lecture – The Pathology of Gender Inequality
Lynn Prince Cooke, University of Bath

Sala di Re Enzo: Lunch
Plenary Session: Salone del Podestà
Introduction – Antonio Schizzerotto, University of Trento

Lecture – Social Inequality and Social Mobility: Is there an Inverse Relation?
John Goldthorpe, Erzsébet Bukodi, University of Oxford

Sala di Re Enzo: Coffee Break
Parallel Sessions

SESSION 10 – Salone del Podestà

Gender-based Wage Inequality

CHAIR: Lynn Prince Cooke, University of Bath

Melania Verde and Federica D’Isanto, University of Naples “Federico II”; Giorgio Liotti, University of Bari
The Impact of Spatial Factors on Female Exclusion from the Labor Market: Empirical Evidences from South of Italy

Verónica Amarante, Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean; Cecilia Rossel, Catholic University of Uruguay
Differences in Housework and Income: Intra-household Evidence from Latin America

Paola Naddeo, Stefania Cardinaleschi and Chiara Gnesi, ISTAT
The Impact of the Crisis on Age and Gender Wage Gaps in Italy

SESSION 11 – Sala degli Atti

Income Inequality and Financial Markets

CHAIR: Giuseppe Pignataro, University of Bologna

Peter Karlström, Giorgio Bellettini, Flavio Delbono, Sergio Pastorello, University of Bologna
Income Inequality and Banking Crises: Testing the Level Hypothesis

Alessandra Dal Colle, CeFiMS, SOAS – University of London
Income Inequality, Growth and Banking

Pellegrino Manfra, QCC – City University of New York
Are Federal Reserve Policies and Quantitative Easing Relating to Income Inequality in the United States?

Zenathan Hasannudin, University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne
Financial Reform and Wage Skill Premium: Firm Level Evidence from Indonesia

David Loschiavo, Bank of Italy
Household Debt and Income Inequality: Evidence from Italian Survey Data

SESSION 12 – Sala del Quadrante

Education, Inter-generational Mobility and Inequality

CHAIR: Daniele Checchi, University of Milano

Guglielmo Barone and Sauro Mocetti, Bank of Italy
Intergenerational Mobility in the Very Long Run: Florence 1427-2011

Marcelo Delajara and Dositeo Grana, Centro de Estudios Espinosa Yglesias
Intergenerational Social Mobility in Mexico and its Regions

Dario Sciulli, University of Chieti-Pescara; Francesco Bartolucci, University of Perugia; Donata Favaro, University of Padova
The Effect of School Organization on Social Capital

Davide Azzolini and Loris Vergolini, Fondazione Bruno Keller-IRVAPP; Alberto Martini and Barbara Romano, ASVAPP
Affording College with the Help of Asset Building. Impact Estimates from the First Cohort of the ACHAB Experiment

Filippo Tassinari, Istituto Cattaneo
Intergenerational Earnings and Income Mobility in Italy. New Evidence on Geographical and Temporal Differences