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Abstracts Selection

The Abstracts-based  selection has been completed.

The conference is targeting scholars,
researchers and students in:

Gender Studies
Political Sciences


They are related to the following topic areas:

  • Inequality: meaning, conceptualization and evidence-based drivers of inequality
  • Economic consequences of inequality: on growth, labor, migration and long-term development
  • Non-economic consequence of inequality: health inequalities, education inequalities, labor and work-place, political participation and social capital
  • Addressing inequality through economic policy: redistribution policies; fiscal policies and sector policies; gender-based and rights-based policies; social policies (education, health care, family and child care); urban development policies.
  • Addressing inequality with other policies: social mobility; intergenerational transfers; unequal exchange; territorial disequilibria; lagging development; minorities and discrimination.

Poster session

According to the quantity and the quality of received papers, it may be organized a poster session.
Updates will be published on this page by the end of June.

Publication Opportunities

A selection of the Conference proceedings and the papers delivered at the conference will be published on a Special Issue of the Journal of Income Distribution.

A selection of the Conference Papers focusing on Italian context and/or empirical data related to Italy will be published in Italian language by Il Mulino publishing house.

Abstracts Selection

The Abstracts-based  selection has been completed.